Family Bible Stories HC - Adam and Eve

Ruth Redding Brand
ISBN: 9780828018500.00

AT FIRST a shoreless ocean covered a coal-black planet. God stepped into the inky nothingness and spoke. At the sound of His voice, dazzling light drove back the darkness. With a word God created all that is: sea and sky, lamb and lily. Finally He took a lump of clay, shaped it into a human form, and breathed it to life. Eyelids fluttered and opened in wonder. God smiled. "Welcome to Eden," He Said. But sin invaded paradise, bringing death. And so began the grand story of redemption: the tragedy of Cain and Abel. Enoch's walk with God. Noah's ark and the great Flood. The Tower of Babel. It's all in these pages, beutifully illustrated with glorious art. A full glossary explains the meaning of names from the first 11 chapters of Genesis. There is something for every member of the family, with differing styles and levels of wrtiting for different ages. Advanced readers will enjoy the Creation and Flood accounts drawn from other cultures. Each Bible story, on a fifth-grade level, is followed by a simpler version of the same story written for tiny tots. These vivid stories for kids of allages will spark the imagination and nourish the soul.

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