A Heart Strangly Warmed

Louise A. Vernon
ISBN: 1882514149
125 pages

Young Robert Upton peddled his father's wares on the streets of London. One day he met a fiery little preacher named John Wesley. Robert's life would never be the same again. At first he didn't' know what to think of the people called Methodists. He helped some other boys break up an evening meeting by beating loudly on old pots and pans. But Robert began to admire John Wesley. He saw how Wesley's preaching changed the lives of many people - even some who tried to stop him. Robert heard people talk about being 'converted'. He wasn't sure what they meant. Robert and his father went to Wesley's meetings whenever they could. They saw that Wesley took an interest in common people like themselves. He wrote booklets and talked to people about God. Gradually Robert began to understand what Wesley's preaching was all about. As he allowed God to work in his life, Robert found that his heart, like Wesley's, was strangely warmed.

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