Story of Jesus, The - Ellen G White

Ellen G White

The Story of Jesus has inspired the pen of the learned and the tongue of the eloquent. But it is best told in childlike language. The wonderful spectacle needs no human coloring. Its glory surpasses the art of men. It shines brightest in its own luster. In these pages no effort is made toward artificial embellishment. The plain story, as told by one who is moved by a deep sense of the infinite proportions of the subject, has been put into the language of the young. In its simplicity not only does it speak to the hearts of the young, but it meets the desire expressed by us all in the familiar song--"Tell me the story simply, as to a little child." May it be received in the same simplicity and purity of faith.
'The Story Of Jesus' is Ellen Gould White's adaptation of her own work ‘Christ Our Saviour’ for a children's audience. This beautiful narrative of Jesus' life on earth was prepared by the author's son while he was working with mostly illiterate slaves in the South of the United States. It is wonderful to read and tell, even for persons with a limited vocabulary.

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