Nehemiah : Restoring the Breach

Ellen G White
ISBN: 1572581247
83 pages

The life and work of Nehemiah shows us "the responsibility of church leadership in context of a revival and reformation among God's people.""There is altogether too little made of the work of the Holy Spirit's influence upon the church. Altogether too much dependence is placed upon the individual human agencies to bring success into the church. Where there is genuine piety in a church there will be a genuine faith in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit's efficiency. It is the depending so largely upon man and his supposed capabilities and his education and his knowledge that eclipses the Lord God, who is all power and can help and will help and longs to manifest Himself to every neglected, cast down soul who feels that he is weak in moral power. He must rely upon the Word of God with unwavering confidence, and not be continually making the arm of flesh his dependence and his trust." Manuscript 93, 1893 (20MR 323)In 1904 the Southern Watchman published a series of 19 articles by Ellen White dealing with the work of Nehemiah. These lessons are reproduced here in their entirety.It is our prayer that a clear understanding and study of these articles will help "prepare both leaders and people for the outpouring of the latter rain."

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