God's Solution for Depression, Guilt & Mental Illness

Colin and Russell Standish
ISBN: 9780923309787
229 pages

This book presents the powerful promises of the Bible as weapons against guilt. The authors believe that a large percentage of psychiatric wards could be closed if the issue of guilt were addressed from a Christ-centered perspective. They examine the issues of depression, conflict, and frustration while addressing the perils of modern counseling and the use of mind control and hypnosis. They address motivation, habit formation, and the physical factors affecting mental health. Like Menninger, they address the moral issues of mental illness. This recently updated and refreshing Christian perspective is a major challenge to the popular therapies that have their roots in paganistic and New Age philosophies. Those seeking God's way for contentment and emotional peace will find many valuable solutions to their lives...FOR DEPRESSION, GUILT, AND MENTAL ILLNESS

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