Good Cholesterol Bad Cholesterol -

E M Roth, S L Streicher-Lankin
ISBN: 9780761500100
232 pages

Good Cholesterol, Bad Cholesterol is the first major book on cholesterol written by a team of cardiovascular specialists. This practical, easy-to-understand reference shows you how to adapt to a low-cholesterol lifestyle. You'll learn exactly what cholesterol is, as well as how to: Create an individualized daily cholesterol allowance;Read labels to discover saturated fats—even if they're not mentioned; Increase your intake of HDL ("good" cholesterol); Eat out and still control your intake of LDL ("bad" cholesterol); Prepare tasty, low-cholesterol meals; Assess the benefits and side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs. By following the simple steps outlined in this book, you can make tremendous progress in reducing your risk of heart disease.

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