Bountiful Health Cookbook (2nd edition)

Nancy Crosby
ISBN: 9781427651334

Bountiful health offers the latest information in healthy cooking. All the recipies are plant based, low-fat and cholesterol free, with some gluten free alternatives.

Bountiful health offers the latest information in healthy cooking. All the recipies are plant based, low-fat and cholesterol free, with some gluten free alternatives.

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Jeremy Dixon
ISBN: 9781934869994
288 pages

EPISODE 1Spinach, Ginger, Pumpkin & Tofu CurryFreshly Cooked QuinoaRevive Raw Salad with Beetroot & MintCorn & Pepper FiestaHonest Pino ColadaEPISODE 2Chickpea PizzaClassic HummusBombay Roasted PotatoesCashew & Bell Pepper DipPeanut Butter SmoothieEPISODE 3Corn & Sweet Potato ChowderFreshly Cooked Brown Rice4C SaladBroccoli with a Cheezy Cashew SauceLime and Lemon SpritzerEPISODE 4Not Butter Chicken CurryFreshly Cooked Wild RiceBroccoli, Almond & Cranberry SaladCauliflower & Onion PakorasHealthy Mango LassiEPISODE 5Scrambled Tofu with AvocadoRevive Toasted GranolaHomemade Almond MilkGrilled VegesFresh Berries & MintEPISODE 6Tuscan Butternut & Spinach Filo ParcelsMesclun Mango SaladFresh Pesto Vegetable MingleClassic Strawberry SmoothieEPISODE 7Revive Chilli on Corn ChipsFresh ToppingsHealthy Cheezy Cashew SaucePan Fried VegetablesBlueberry “Better Than Ice Cream”EPISODE 8Thai Chickpea SataySunflower CreamPad Thai NoodlesAsian Salad with GingerApricot Bliss BallsEPISODE 9French Puy Lentils & Roasted BeetrootSpanish  Smoked Rice with PeanutsFresh Cos Caesar Salad with CroutonsThai Green Curry MingleSparkling Fruity PunchEPISODE 10Asian Peanut Stir FryHoney Glazed TofuAsian Sesame Greens SaladEdamameSliced Pineapple with Mint & Lime JuiceEPISODE 11Curried Indian Zucchini FrittersRevivedorf Salad with Tofu MayoPineapple & Mint SalsaPlum & Ginger Oat SliceEPISODE 12Thai Red Curry with ChickpeasRice Noodles with Cilantro & Lime JuiceThai Ginger ColeslawSticky Rice MangoEPISODE 13Hungarian Goulash with TofuLemon Infused QuinoaSweet Chilli Roast VegetablesFresh Mexican SaladBanana Date SmoothieEPISODE 14Greek Potato CakeAvocado & Tomato SalsaFresh Pepper MedleyHoney Glazed CarrotsFruit Kebabs with Cashew & Pear CreamEPISODE 15Zesty Lime & Cilantro RiceCorn & Pepper FiestaGuacamoleFresh Mexican SalsaFreshly Cut Mangos & Lime JuiceEPISODE 16Swiss Bircher MuesliWild BerriesHomemade Almond ButterNearly French ToastBreakfast PotatoesEPISODE 17Shepherdess PieSeedy SlawSesame Cucumber Ribbon SaladPineapple Rice PuddingEPISODE 18Beefless BurgersMoroccan HummusSweet Potato FriesCarob Ice ShakeEPISODE 19Classic Carrot & Cilantro SoupFragrant Thai Tofu LaksaCreamy Italian Tomato SoupFresh Hummus & Wholegrain BreadColourful Fruit PlatterEPISODE 20Thai Green Curry LentilsZesty Cilantro Rice NoodlesTuscan Greens SaladBlueberry Cashew CheesecakeEPISODE 21Tarka DahlLemony CouscousTempeh & Cherry Tomato SaladPan Fried Asparagus with Sesame SeedsPeach Ice SmoothieEPISODE 22Indian Chickpea & Potato WrapsPear & Rocket SaladMediterranean Stir Fry VegetablesCarrot Cake Bliss BallsEPISODE 23DahlatouilleBrown RiceChunky Greek SaladGreen Pea & Sesame MingleCarob “Better Than Ice Cream”EPISODE 24Mediterranean Sweet PotatoFresh Garden SaladBasil Pesto Pasta SaladChia Seed Pudding with Black CherriesEPISODE 25Turkish Falafal WrapsTahini DressingSpanish Smoked Potato WedgesHealthy Banoffee PieEPISODE 26Chilli Con Haba HotpotCilantro Brown RiceMexican Tomato, Corn & Avocado SaladBroccoli Chick BreadWildberries with Cashew Pear Cream

Spinach, Ginger, Pumpkin & Tofu Curry
Freshly Cooked Quinoa
Revive Raw Salad with Beetroot & Mint
Corn & Pepper Fiesta
Honest Pino Colada

Chickpea Pizza
Classic Hummus
Bombay Roasted Potatoes
Cashew & Bell Pepper Dip
Peanut Butter Smoothie

Corn & Sweet Potato Chowder
Freshly Cooked Brown Rice
4C Salad
Broccoli with a Cheezy Cashew Sauce
Lime and Lemon Spritzer

Not Butter Chicken Curry
Freshly Cooked Wild Rice
Broccoli, Almond & Cranberry Salad
Cauliflower & Onion Pakoras
Healthy Mango Lassi

Scrambled Tofu with Avocado
Revive Toasted Granola
Homemade Almond Milk
Grilled Veges
Fresh Berries & Mint

Tuscan Butternut & Spinach Filo Parcels
Mesclun Mango Salad
Fresh Pesto Vegetable Mingle
Classic Strawberry Smoothie

Revive Chilli on Corn Chips
Fresh Toppings
Healthy Cheezy Cashew Sauce
Pan Fried Vegetables
Blueberry “Better Than Ice Cream”

Thai Chickpea Satay
Sunflower Cream
Pad Thai Noodles
Asian Salad with Ginger
Apricot Bliss Balls

French Puy Lentils & Roasted Beetroot
Spanish  Smoked Rice with Peanuts
Fresh Cos Caesar Salad with Croutons
Thai Green Curry Mingle
Sparkling Fruity Punch

Asian Peanut Stir Fry
Honey Glazed Tofu
Asian Sesame Greens Salad
Sliced Pineapple with Mint & Lime Juice

Curried Indian Zucchini Fritters
Revivedorf Salad with Tofu Mayo
Pineapple & Mint Salsa
Plum & Ginger Oat Slice

Thai Red Curry with Chickpeas
Rice Noodles with Cilantro & Lime Juice
Thai Ginger Coleslaw
Sticky Rice Mango

Hungarian Goulash with Tofu
Lemon Infused Quinoa
Sweet Chilli Roast Vegetables
Fresh Mexican Salad
Banana Date Smoothie

Greek Potato Cake
Avocado & Tomato Salsa
Fresh Pepper Medley
Honey Glazed Carrots
Fruit Kebabs with Cashew & Pear Cream

Zesty Lime & Cilantro Rice
Corn & Pepper Fiesta
Fresh Mexican Salsa
Freshly Cut Mangos & Lime Juice

Swiss Bircher Muesli
Wild Berries
Homemade Almond Butter
Nearly French Toast
Breakfast Potatoes

Shepherdess Pie
Seedy Slaw
Sesame Cucumber Ribbon Salad
Pineapple Rice Pudding

Beefless Burgers
Moroccan Hummus
Sweet Potato Fries
Carob Ice Shake

Classic Carrot & Cilantro Soup
Fragrant Thai Tofu Laksa
Creamy Italian Tomato Soup
Fresh Hummus & Wholegrain Bread
Colourful Fruit Platter

Thai Green Curry Lentils
Zesty Cilantro Rice Noodles
Tuscan Greens Salad
Blueberry Cashew Cheesecake

Tarka Dahl
Lemony Couscous
Tempeh & Cherry Tomato Salad
Pan Fried Asparagus with Sesame Seeds
Peach Ice Smoothie

Indian Chickpea & Potato Wraps
Pear & Rocket Salad
Mediterranean Stir Fry Vegetables
Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

Brown Rice
Chunky Greek Salad
Green Pea & Sesame Mingle
Carob “Better Than Ice Cream”

Mediterranean Sweet Potato
Fresh Garden Salad
Basil Pesto Pasta Salad
Chia Seed Pudding with Black Cherries

Turkish Falafal Wraps
Tahini Dressing
Spanish Smoked Potato Wedges
Healthy Banoffee Pie

Chilli Con Haba Hotpot
Cilantro Brown Rice
Mexican Tomato, Corn & Avocado Salad
Broccoli Chick Bread
Wildberries with Cashew Pear Cream

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Jeremy Dixon
ISBN: 9781942455226
288 pages

EPISODE 27Nutty Seedy SlawCreamy Thyme MushroomsTuscan Lentil & Tomato StewJacket PotatoesMango Chia GlassEPISODE 28Mega Stir FryRaspberry & Mint SmoothieEPISODE 29Tarka DahlCucumber & Dill SaladSeedy SprinkleLemony Herb RiceCambodian Banana FrittersEPISODE 30Chunky Italian Tomato PastaItalian Chickpea SaladLeafy Green SaladPear & Apple CrumbleEPISODE 31Supercharged Savoury Breakfast BowlBlueberry Power ShakeEPISODE 32Italian Pumpkin RisottoPacifika Coleslaw with Lime DressingBeetroot HummusRainbow Bean Salad with AvocadoStrawberry SlushyEPISODE 33Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake)Hungarian Beetroot & Lentil BorschtRussian Olivier SaladRefreshing Citrus WaterEPISODE 34Revive Super Salad MingleCreamy Strawberry ParfaitEPISODE 35Vege Sticks with Creamy Basil HummusMini Corn & Cilantro Fritters with Avocado SalsaCrispy Italian BruschettaEnergiser SmoothieEPISODE 36Alfredo SauceZoodlesCarrot & Parsnip SmashParmeshew CheeseKiwi, Banana & Ginger SmoothieEPISODE 37Honey Mustard Potato SaladMinty Pea Soup with Wholemeal CroutonsSeedy CrackersBlack Cherry SmoothieEPISODE 38Tofu Tikka MasalaFruity Rice PilafRefreshing Cucumber & Zucchini SaladChana SaagRaspberry LassiEPISODE 39Mini Butternut FrittatasSweet Potato HashPanzanellaCranberry Bliss BallsWild Berry Iced WaterEPISODE 40Arrabiata Penne PastaMoroccan Carrot SaladRocket & Cranberry SaladBaked Fruity Apples with Cashew CreamEPISODE 41Thai Green Curry ChickpeasThai Tofu KebabsPeanut Satay SauceGrilled FruitApple & Cinnamon Cashew CreamEPISODE 42Vegetable Nacho BeansMexican Guacamole SaladSoft Corn Tortilla WedgesZingy Tomato SalsaMango & Raspberry Coconut IceEPISODE 43Spanish PaellaCreamy Broccoli Salad with CranberriesBaked Vegetable ChipsBlack Almond FudgeEPISODE 44Indonesian Sayur Lodeh Tofu CurryRocket, Almond & Fig SaladCauliflower CouscousPeach & Blueberry CrumbleEPISODE 45Fresh Rice Paper RollsAsian Dipping SauceGado GadoSweet Berry Iced TeaEPISODE 46Five Grain Hot BreakfastSuper Quick Thai Vegetable Stir FryEPISODE 47Aromatic Cambodian Tofu CurryRoot Vegetable & Cos SaladOrange DressingCinnamon & Cardamom RiceLemon Ginger Honey SootherEPISODE 48French Lentil RagoutPolenta & Cherry Tomato MinglePotato & Butternut MashApple & Fennel SlawGrape Juice CocktailEPISODE 49Beetroot & Fennel RisottoGarlicky Cilantro ChickpeasParmeshew CheeseMediterranean Vegetable MingleStrawberry Cheesecake GlassesEPISODE 50Vietnamese Pho NoodlesFresh Buckwheat TabouliIndian Spiced Roasted CauliflowerWarm Cashew Carob Chai

Nutty Seedy Slaw
Creamy Thyme Mushrooms
Tuscan Lentil & Tomato Stew
Jacket Potatoes
Mango Chia Glass

Mega Stir Fry
Raspberry & Mint Smoothie

Tarka Dahl
Cucumber & Dill Salad
Seedy Sprinkle
Lemony Herb Rice
Cambodian Banana Fritters

Chunky Italian Tomato Pasta
Italian Chickpea Salad
Leafy Green Salad
Pear & Apple Crumble

Supercharged Savoury Breakfast Bowl
Blueberry Power Shake

Italian Pumpkin Risotto
Pacifika Coleslaw with Lime Dressing
Beetroot Hummus
Rainbow Bean Salad with Avocado
Strawberry Slushy

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake)
Hungarian Beetroot & Lentil Borscht
Russian Olivier Salad
Refreshing Citrus Water

Revive Super Salad Mingle
Creamy Strawberry Parfait

Vege Sticks with Creamy Basil Hummus
Mini Corn & Cilantro Fritters with Avocado Salsa
Crispy Italian Bruschetta
Energiser Smoothie

Alfredo Sauce
Carrot & Parsnip Smash
Parmeshew Cheese
Kiwi, Banana & Ginger Smoothie

Honey Mustard Potato Salad
Minty Pea Soup with Wholemeal Croutons
Seedy Crackers
Black Cherry Smoothie

Tofu Tikka Masala
Fruity Rice Pilaf
Refreshing Cucumber & Zucchini Salad
Chana Saag
Raspberry Lassi

Mini Butternut Frittatas
Sweet Potato Hash
Cranberry Bliss Balls
Wild Berry Iced Water

Arrabiata Penne Pasta
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Rocket & Cranberry Salad
Baked Fruity Apples with Cashew Cream

Thai Green Curry Chickpeas
Thai Tofu Kebabs
Peanut Satay Sauce
Grilled Fruit
Apple & Cinnamon Cashew Cream

Vegetable Nacho Beans
Mexican Guacamole Salad
Soft Corn Tortilla Wedges
Zingy Tomato Salsa
Mango & Raspberry Coconut Ice

Spanish Paella
Creamy Broccoli Salad with Cranberries
Baked Vegetable Chips
Black Almond Fudge

Indonesian Sayur Lodeh Tofu Curry
Rocket, Almond & Fig Salad
Cauliflower Couscous
Peach & Blueberry Crumble

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls
Asian Dipping Sauce
Gado Gado
Sweet Berry Iced Tea

Five Grain Hot Breakfast
Super Quick Thai Vegetable Stir Fry

Aromatic Cambodian Tofu Curry
Root Vegetable & Cos Salad
Orange Dressing
Cinnamon & Cardamom Rice
Lemon Ginger Honey Soother

French Lentil Ragout
Polenta & Cherry Tomato Mingle
Potato & Butternut Mash
Apple & Fennel Slaw
Grape Juice Cocktail

Beetroot & Fennel Risotto
Garlicky Cilantro Chickpeas
Parmeshew Cheese
Mediterranean Vegetable Mingle
Strawberry Cheesecake Glasses

Vietnamese Pho Noodles
Fresh Buckwheat Tabouli
Indian Spiced Roasted Cauliflower
Warm Cashew Carob Chai

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Living on Live Food

Alissa Cohen
ISBN: 9780974896304
575 pages

Stop Counting calories, fat grams, protein and carbs and start eating! It's as easy as turning off your stove! Living on Live food teaches you what a raw and living food diet is and how to get started immediately! 600 pages of inspiring, practical and easy to follow information! Living on Live Food contains a detailed 4 week plan, complete with menu, shopping list and meal preparation instructions. 15 compelling stories with before and after photos and a large question and answer section where you will find many of the most frequently asked questions and 290 recipes!

Stop Counting calories, fat grams, protein and carbs and start eating! It's as easy as turning off your stove! Living on Live food teaches you what a raw and living food diet is and how to get started immediately! 600 pages of inspiring, practical and easy to follow information! Living on Live Food contains a detailed 4 week plan, complete with menu, shopping list and meal preparation instructions. 15 compelling stories with before and after photos and a large question and answer section where you will find many of the most frequently asked questions and 290 recipes!

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The Revive Cafe Cookbook 1

Jeremy Dixon
ISBN: 9780473190576
192 pages

SALADSCos CaesarMoroccan ChickpeasSeedy SlawClassic Greek SaladSweet Chilli Roast VegesMushroom Risotto SaladBalsamic Lentil & Roasted Beetroot SaladItalian ChickpeasDukkah Roasted PotatoesSweet Bean MedleyThai Green Curry VegesCorn & Pepper FiestaChewy Indonesian RiceThai Satay Kumara NoodlesHoney Mustard Roasted PotatoesMoroccan Leek RiceAlmond Carrot CrunchSatay Cauliflower with PeanutsSpring Kumara MingleTuscan MesclunRevive-dorf SaladPacifika ColeslawHOTPOTS & STIR FRIESPumpkin, Spinach, Ginger & Tofu CurryNot Butter ChickenCorn & Potato ChowderIndonesian Chickpea SatayThai Red Curry with TofuDahl MakhaniDahl-a-touilleMalai KoftaMushroom BhajiSpanish Bean StewRevive ChilliMushroom GoulashCurried Cabbage Stir FryKidney Bean Stir FryQuinoa Stir FryMiso Bean MingleSuper NachosMAIN MEALSMeatless MeatballsNot Chicken BurritosBaked Potato with Chickpea KormaCurried Zucchini FrittersNeat LoafHoney & Soy Tofu SteaksSpanikopitaPumpkin Risotto CakePumpkin & Kumara BallsMushroom CannelloniShepherdess PieIndian Potato & Chickpea WrapsScrambled Tofu with MushroomsSOUPSCarrot & Coriander SoupCreamy Tomato SoupCreamy Thai Pumpkin SoupIndian Spiced Lentil SoupFLAVOUR BOOSTERSSunflower CreamClassic HummusPineapple SalsaAlmond DukkahRevive AioliChermoula DressingSatay SauceItalian Tomato SauceDate PureeOnion JamSWEET THINGSBoysenberry Nice-CreamBlueberry & Cashew CheesecakeBuckwheat Hotcakes with Cashew & Pear CreamApricot Oat SliceBlueberry SmoothieBanana Date SmoothieBoysenberry Rice Pudding5 Grain BreakfastBircher MuesliSTEP-BY-STEPCurriesSmoothiesSaladsStir friesFrittersQUICK COOKING GUIDEGrainsBeansLentils8 KEYS TO HEALTHY LIVINGNutritionExerciseWaterSunshineTemperanceAirRestTrust 

Cos Caesar
Moroccan Chickpeas
Seedy Slaw
Classic Greek Salad
Sweet Chilli Roast Veges
Mushroom Risotto Salad
Balsamic Lentil & Roasted Beetroot Salad
Italian Chickpeas
Dukkah Roasted Potatoes
Sweet Bean Medley
Thai Green Curry Veges
Corn & Pepper Fiesta
Chewy Indonesian Rice
Thai Satay Kumara Noodles
Honey Mustard Roasted Potatoes
Moroccan Leek Rice
Almond Carrot Crunch
Satay Cauliflower with Peanuts
Spring Kumara Mingle
Tuscan Mesclun
Revive-dorf Salad
Pacifika Coleslaw

Pumpkin, Spinach, Ginger & Tofu Curry
Not Butter Chicken
Corn & Potato Chowder
Indonesian Chickpea Satay
Thai Red Curry with Tofu
Dahl Makhani
Malai Kofta
Mushroom Bhaji
Spanish Bean Stew
Revive Chilli
Mushroom Goulash
Curried Cabbage Stir Fry
Kidney Bean Stir Fry
Quinoa Stir Fry
Miso Bean Mingle
Super Nachos

Meatless Meatballs
Not Chicken Burritos
Baked Potato with Chickpea Korma
Curried Zucchini Fritters
Neat Loaf
Honey & Soy Tofu Steaks
Pumpkin Risotto Cake
Pumpkin & Kumara Balls
Mushroom Cannelloni
Shepherdess Pie
Indian Potato & Chickpea Wraps
Scrambled Tofu with Mushrooms

Carrot & Coriander Soup
Creamy Tomato Soup
Creamy Thai Pumpkin Soup
Indian Spiced Lentil Soup

Sunflower Cream
Classic Hummus
Pineapple Salsa
Almond Dukkah
Revive Aioli
Chermoula Dressing
Satay Sauce
Italian Tomato Sauce
Date Puree
Onion Jam

Boysenberry Nice-Cream
Blueberry & Cashew Cheesecake
Buckwheat Hotcakes with Cashew & Pear Cream
Apricot Oat Slice
Blueberry Smoothie
Banana Date Smoothie
Boysenberry Rice Pudding
5 Grain Breakfast
Bircher Muesli

Stir fries



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The Revive Cafe Cookbook 2

Jeremy Dixon
ISBN: 9780473217518
192 pages

SALADS4C SaladSesame Asian GreensSpiced Date PilauRevive Raw SaladCos & Courgette MingleThai Satay NoodlesIsraeli CouscousCreamy Roasted VegesSmoked Spanish RiceEgyptian Rice & LentilsThai Bean MinglePad Thai Noodle SaladBombay Roasted PotatoesMesclun MangoItalian Fusilli MingleGreen Salad & AlmondsSummer Quinoa MinglePesto Infused Roasted PotatoesWild Green SaladGreek ChickpeasItalian Pumpkin RisottoKumara & Cranberry MingleCurried Black-Eyed Bean SaladBaghdad BulghurPesto Penne PastaCreamy Thai Rice SaladBrussels Sprout MedleyHOTPOTS & STIR-FRIESIndonesian Sadur LodehClassic Chickpea RatatouilleThai Tofu Green CurryNot Chicken AlfredoMixed Bean JumbalayaTofu & Quinoa Stir FryMoroccan Date & Chickpea DahlCurried Poppy Seed DahlIndian Spinach & Chickpea KormaTarka DahlHearty Lentil CasseroleChilli Con TofuThai Massaman Peanut CurryThai Green Curry LentilsItalian White Bean StewTuscan Brown LentilsAsian Peanut Stir FryMediterranean Chickpea  Stir FryHerbed Lentil & Quinoa Stir FryIndian Rice PilafBaked Thai Corn CakesMAIN MEALSTuscan White Bean WrapsRevive Roast Vege FrittataGreek Potato & Feta CakeThai Tofu Curry PieLentil & Vegetable LasagneCurried Potato CakesIndian Curried Filo PieChickpea PizzaBeefless BurgersTuscan White Bean CannelloniTraditional Corn FrittersFLAVOUR BOOSTERSHealthy Basil PestoChick BreadAvocado GuacamoleRoot-beet DipRed Pepper PestoRevive RelishWhite Cashew SauceTomato SalsaRavishing Red Bean DipRevive AioliLemon DressingItalian Tomato SauceDate PureeSWEET THINGSBliss BallsRevive Muesli (Granola)Whipped Cashew CreamClassic Strawberry SmoothieAlmond MilkBoysenberry SmoothieTropical Fruit SaladHot Honey, Lemon & Ginger SootherPorridge (Oatmeal)Mango SmoothieCarob IceMuesli SmoothieSTEP-BY-STEPFrittatasSoupsLasagnesDipsBreakfasts

4C Salad
Sesame Asian Greens
Spiced Date Pilau
Revive Raw Salad
Cos & Courgette Mingle
Thai Satay Noodles
Israeli Couscous
Creamy Roasted Veges
Smoked Spanish Rice
Egyptian Rice & Lentils
Thai Bean Mingle
Pad Thai Noodle Salad
Bombay Roasted Potatoes
Mesclun Mango
Italian Fusilli Mingle
Green Salad & Almonds
Summer Quinoa Mingle
Pesto Infused Roasted Potatoes
Wild Green Salad
Greek Chickpeas
Italian Pumpkin Risotto
Kumara & Cranberry Mingle
Curried Black-Eyed Bean Salad
Baghdad Bulghur
Pesto Penne Pasta
Creamy Thai Rice Salad
Brussels Sprout Medley

Indonesian Sadur Lodeh
Classic Chickpea Ratatouille
Thai Tofu Green Curry
Not Chicken Alfredo
Mixed Bean Jumbalaya
Tofu & Quinoa Stir Fry
Moroccan Date & Chickpea Dahl
Curried Poppy Seed Dahl
Indian Spinach & Chickpea Korma
Tarka Dahl
Hearty Lentil Casserole
Chilli Con Tofu
Thai Massaman Peanut Curry
Thai Green Curry Lentils
Italian White Bean Stew
Tuscan Brown Lentils
Asian Peanut Stir Fry
Mediterranean Chickpea  Stir Fry
Herbed Lentil & Quinoa Stir Fry
Indian Rice Pilaf
Baked Thai Corn Cakes

Tuscan White Bean Wraps
Revive Roast Vege Frittata
Greek Potato & Feta Cake
Thai Tofu Curry Pie
Lentil & Vegetable Lasagne
Curried Potato Cakes
Indian Curried Filo Pie
Chickpea Pizza
Beefless Burgers
Tuscan White Bean Cannelloni
Traditional Corn Fritters

Healthy Basil Pesto
Chick Bread
Avocado Guacamole
Root-beet Dip
Red Pepper Pesto
Revive Relish
White Cashew Sauce
Tomato Salsa
Ravishing Red Bean Dip
Revive Aioli
Lemon Dressing
Italian Tomato Sauce
Date Puree

Bliss Balls
Revive Muesli (Granola)
Whipped Cashew Cream
Classic Strawberry Smoothie
Almond Milk
Boysenberry Smoothie
Tropical Fruit Salad
Hot Honey, Lemon & Ginger Soother
Porridge (Oatmeal)
Mango Smoothie
Carob Ice
Muesli Smoothie


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The Revive Cafe Cookbook 3

Jeremy Dixon
ISBN: 9780473235949
192 pages

SALADSBrown Rice Waldorf 16Thai Ginger Slaw 18Mega Cos Salad 20Asian Ginger & Tofu Salad 22Autumn Cauliflower Mingle 24Blissful Sprout Medley 26Rainbow Chickpeas 28French Peanut Puy Lentils 30Olivier, The Russian Salad 32Sweet Shanghai Soy Beans 34Tangy Leafy Salad 36Italian Risotto 38Apple Poppy Coleslaw 40Caraway Kumara & Cabbage Salad 42Basil Linguine Salad 44Indian Curried Cauliflower & Chickpeas 46Fragrant Thai Peanut Noodles 48Quinoa & Cashew Mingle 50HOTPOTS & STIR-FRIESPalak Paneer 54Penne Alfredo 56Thai Yellow Curry 58Peanutty Pineapple Quinoa 60Sweet & Sour Tofu 62Thai Massaman Lentil Casserole 64Cauliflower & Chickpea Satay 66Navratan Korma 68Mediterranean Quinoa & Sauce  70Italian Butter Bean Pasta 72Asparagus & Quinoa Stir Fry 74Steam Fried Veges 76Donburi 78MAIN MEALSScrummy Stuffed Sweet Potato 82Kumara & Carrot Cakes 84Pumpkin & Cranberry Filo Parcels 86Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) 88Vegetable Pakoras 90Broccoli Infused Flatbread 92Summer Burger 94Smoked Stuffed Peppers 96Pesto & Potato Chickbread Pizza 98Courgette & Cauliflower Bake 100Thai Spring Rolls 102SOUPSMexican Black Bean Soup 108Vietnamese Pho Noodles 110Lentil & Beetroot Borscht 112Broccoli & Dill Soup 114Lentil & Kumara Soup 116Leek & Potato Soup 118FLAVOUR BOOSTERSCheezy Cashew Sauce 122Basil Hummus 124Nutty Capsicum Dip 124Sparkling Lime Juice 126Almost Egg Spread 128Thai Ginger Dressing 130Tofu Mayo 132Almond Butter 133BREAKFASTSPower Oat Breakfast 138Nearly French Toast 140Warming Millet Porridge 142Buckwheat Waffles 144Butternut Oatmeal 146Golden Omelette 148Portobello Mushrooms 150SWEET THINGSPlum & Ginger Slice 154Apricot Bliss Balls 156Better Than Ice Cream  158Pineapple Rice Pudding 160Black Almond Fudge 162Peanut Butter Smoothie 164Blueberry, Apple & Peach Crumble 166Pumpkin Pie 168Honest Pina Colada 170Banana Split 172Coconut & Date Fudge 174STEP-BY-STEPStuffed Veges 178Dressings 180Wraps 182Noodles 184Pizzas 186

Brown Rice Waldorf 16
Thai Ginger Slaw 18
Mega Cos Salad 20
Asian Ginger & Tofu Salad 22
Autumn Cauliflower Mingle 24
Blissful Sprout Medley 26
Rainbow Chickpeas 28
French Peanut Puy Lentils 30
Olivier, The Russian Salad 32
Sweet Shanghai Soy Beans 34
Tangy Leafy Salad 36
Italian Risotto 38
Apple Poppy Coleslaw 40
Caraway Kumara & Cabbage Salad 42
Basil Linguine Salad 44
Indian Curried Cauliflower & Chickpeas 46
Fragrant Thai Peanut Noodles 48
Quinoa & Cashew Mingle 50

Palak Paneer 54
Penne Alfredo 56
Thai Yellow Curry 58
Peanutty Pineapple Quinoa 60
Sweet & Sour Tofu 62
Thai Massaman Lentil Casserole 64
Cauliflower & Chickpea Satay 66
Navratan Korma 68
Mediterranean Quinoa & Sauce  70
Italian Butter Bean Pasta 72
Asparagus & Quinoa Stir Fry 74
Steam Fried Veges 76
Donburi 78

Scrummy Stuffed Sweet Potato 82
Kumara & Carrot Cakes 84
Pumpkin & Cranberry Filo Parcels 86
Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) 88
Vegetable Pakoras 90
Broccoli Infused Flatbread 92
Summer Burger 94
Smoked Stuffed Peppers 96
Pesto & Potato Chickbread Pizza 98
Courgette & Cauliflower Bake 100
Thai Spring Rolls 102

Mexican Black Bean Soup 108
Vietnamese Pho Noodles 110
Lentil & Beetroot Borscht 112
Broccoli & Dill Soup 114
Lentil & Kumara Soup 116
Leek & Potato Soup 118

Cheezy Cashew Sauce 122
Basil Hummus 124
Nutty Capsicum Dip 124
Sparkling Lime Juice 126
Almost Egg Spread 128
Thai Ginger Dressing 130
Tofu Mayo 132
Almond Butter 133

Power Oat Breakfast 138
Nearly French Toast 140
Warming Millet Porridge 142
Buckwheat Waffles 144
Butternut Oatmeal 146
Golden Omelette 148
Portobello Mushrooms 150

Plum & Ginger Slice 154
Apricot Bliss Balls 156
Better Than Ice Cream  158
Pineapple Rice Pudding 160
Black Almond Fudge 162
Peanut Butter Smoothie 164
Blueberry, Apple & Peach Crumble 166
Pumpkin Pie 168
Honest Pina Colada 170
Banana Split 172
Coconut & Date Fudge 174

Stuffed Veges 178
Dressings 180
Wraps 182
Noodles 184
Pizzas 186

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The Revive Cafe Cookbook 4

Jeremy Dixon
ISBN: 9780473285265
192 pages

SALADSFresh Autumn Mingle 16Asian Quinoa Salad 18Root Vegetable Medley 20Asian Soba Noodles 22Watercress & Sweet Potato Salad 24Tempeh & Cherry Tomato Salad 26Cauli-cous Salad 28Leek & Pesto Chickpeas 30Kale & Lentil Salad 32Succotash 34German Roasted Potatoes 36Fruity Moroccan Couscous 38Quick Tahini Coleslaw 40Italian Tomato Rice Salad 42Summer Spiral Pasta Salad 44Sesame Cucumber Ribbon Salad 46HOTPOTS & STIR FRIESChilli Con Haba 52Aromatic Cambodian Tofu Curry 54Tuscan Three Bean Casserole 56Penang Thai Bean Curry 58Sweet Apricot Sesame Tofu 60Super-charged Lentil Stew 62Thai Almond Tofu Noodles 64Mushroom & Cashew Fried Rice 66Figgy Thai Chickpeas 68Black Bean Stir Fry 70Thai Green Curry Stir Fry 72Mexican Quinoa 74Cambodian Red Rice 76MAIN MEALSFalafel Pita Wraps 82Creamed Corn Baked Potato 84Turkish Moussaka 86Energising Mexican Feast 88Satay Tofu Kebabs 90Tamale Pie 92Thai Infused Baked Potatoes 94Reuben Burger  96Mushroom & Leek Buckwheat Risotto 98SOUPSChunky Vegetable  & Lentil Soup 102Creamy & Minty Pea Soup 104Mushroom & Thyme Soup 106Satay Sweet Potato Bisque 108Minestrone 110Malaysian Laksa 112Curried Cauliflower Soup 114SIDESMediterranean Vegetables 120Honey Glazed Carrots 122Traditional Potato Mash 123Sweet Potato Fries 124Garlic Mushrooms 126Broccoli & Cranberries 127Satay Green Beans 128Smoked Wedges 130Green Pea Mingle 131Cauliflower Cheese 132Tangy Coriander Rice 134Roasted Beetroot 135Breakfast Vegetables 136SWEET THINGSBlueberry Parfait 140Rainbow Fruit Kebabs 142Healthy Banoffee Pie 144Sticky Rice Mango 146Chewy Cranberry Oat Slice 148Blueberries & Cashew Cream 150Jeremy’s Fast Quinoa Breakfast 152Moorish Carrot Cake Balls 154Not Chocolate Mousse 156Raspberry & Mint Smoothie 158Sublime Green Smoothie 160Mango & Lime Shake 161FLAVOUR BOOSTERSMexican Salsa 164Asian Sesame Miso Dressing 165Moroccan Butternut Hummus 166Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce 168Babaganoush 170Tahini Dressing 171Homemade Thai Red Curry Paste 172Homemade Thai Green Curry Paste 173Revive Aioli 174Italian Tomato Sauce 174Basil Pesto 175Date Puree 175Tofu Mayo 176Cashew Cream 176Classic Hummus 177Avocado Guacamole 177

Fresh Autumn Mingle 16
Asian Quinoa Salad 18
Root Vegetable Medley 20
Asian Soba Noodles 22
Watercress & Sweet Potato Salad 24
Tempeh & Cherry Tomato Salad 26
Cauli-cous Salad 28
Leek & Pesto Chickpeas 30
Kale & Lentil Salad 32
Succotash 34
German Roasted Potatoes 36
Fruity Moroccan Couscous 38
Quick Tahini Coleslaw 40
Italian Tomato Rice Salad 42
Summer Spiral Pasta Salad 44
Sesame Cucumber Ribbon Salad 46

Chilli Con Haba 52
Aromatic Cambodian Tofu Curry 54
Tuscan Three Bean Casserole 56
Penang Thai Bean Curry 58
Sweet Apricot Sesame Tofu 60
Super-charged Lentil Stew 62
Thai Almond Tofu Noodles 64
Mushroom & Cashew Fried Rice 66
Figgy Thai Chickpeas 68
Black Bean Stir Fry 70
Thai Green Curry Stir Fry 72
Mexican Quinoa 74
Cambodian Red Rice 76

Falafel Pita Wraps 82
Creamed Corn Baked Potato 84
Turkish Moussaka 86
Energising Mexican Feast 88
Satay Tofu Kebabs 90
Tamale Pie 92
Thai Infused Baked Potatoes 94
Reuben Burger  96
Mushroom & Leek Buckwheat Risotto 98

Chunky Vegetable  & Lentil Soup 102
Creamy & Minty Pea Soup 104
Mushroom & Thyme Soup 106
Satay Sweet Potato Bisque 108
Minestrone 110
Malaysian Laksa 112
Curried Cauliflower Soup 114

Mediterranean Vegetables 120
Honey Glazed Carrots 122
Traditional Potato Mash 123
Sweet Potato Fries 124
Garlic Mushrooms 126
Broccoli & Cranberries 127
Satay Green Beans 128
Smoked Wedges 130
Green Pea Mingle 131
Cauliflower Cheese 132
Tangy Coriander Rice 134
Roasted Beetroot 135
Breakfast Vegetables 136

Blueberry Parfait 140
Rainbow Fruit Kebabs 142
Healthy Banoffee Pie 144
Sticky Rice Mango 146
Chewy Cranberry Oat Slice 148
Blueberries & Cashew Cream 150
Jeremy’s Fast Quinoa Breakfast 152
Moorish Carrot Cake Balls 154
Not Chocolate Mousse 156
Raspberry & Mint Smoothie 158
Sublime Green Smoothie 160
Mango & Lime Shake 161

Mexican Salsa 164
Asian Sesame Miso Dressing 165
Moroccan Butternut Hummus 166
Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce 168
Babaganoush 170
Tahini Dressing 171
Homemade Thai Red Curry Paste 172
Homemade Thai Green Curry Paste 173
Revive Aioli 174
Italian Tomato Sauce 174
Basil Pesto 175
Date Puree 175
Tofu Mayo 176
Cashew Cream 176
Classic Hummus 177
Avocado Guacamole 177

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The Revive Cafe Cookbook 5

Jeremy Dixon
ISBN: 9780473326555
192 pages

SALADSBright Butter Beans 16Pesto Green Beans 18Mexican Guacamole Salad 20Tropical Summer Salad 22Parsnip, Pear, Rocket & Pecans 24Watercress & Potato Salad 26Purple Power Quinoa Salad 28Thai Green Curry Rice 30Tangy Fennel Tofu Salad 32Autumn Butternut Salad 34Asian Cabbage Crunch 36Pineapple Powered Sweet Potato 38HOTPOTS & STIR FRIESSri Lankin Balti 42South Indian Eggplant & Cashew Curry 44Chickpea Tikka Masala 46Dahl Aloo Ghobi 48Lentil Ragout on Potato Mash 50Tamarind & Butternut Dahl 52Chana Saag  54Mexican Black Bean Casserole 56Quinoa Stir Fry with Tempeh 58Hot Mushroom Mingle 60Thai Vegetable Stir Fry 62Thai Green Curry Tofu 64Thai Kumara Stir Fry 66Satay Wild Rice Risotto 68Amaranth & Root Vege Mingle  70MAIN MEALSGado Gado 76Mini Pumpkin Frittatas 78Mega Bean Tacos 80Indian Sweet Potato Rosti 82Tuscan Wholemeal Pizza 84Indian Spinach & Potato Wrap 86Carrot & Beet Fritters 88Bramboracky (Czech Pancake) 90Butternut Mac Cheese 92Chunky Italian Tomato Pasta 94Green Vegetable Cakes 96Mexican Bean Enchilada 98SOUPSHearty Dark Legume Soup 102Mexican Green Pepper Soup 104Roast Vege Soup with Dukkah 106Tom Yum Soup 108Old School Vegetable Soup 110Chunky Chickpea Soup 112SIDESColcannon 118 Rainbow Vegetables 120Bruschetta 121Chunky Penang Thai Tofu 122Bubble & Squeak 124Sweet Potato Hash 126Tomato & Zucchini Mingle 127FLAVOUR BOOSTERSCarrot & Coriander Dip 130Green Pea Dip 132Buttery Spread 133Kalamata Olive Dressing 134Indonesian Peanut Dip 135Tzatziki 136Parmeshew Cheese Sprinkle 137BREAKFASTSSupercharged Breakfast Bowl 144Oat Waffles with Wild Berries 146Amazing Thai Scrambled Tofu 148Blueberry Power Breakfast Shake 150Feijoa Buckwheat Pancakes 152Homemade Natural Muesli 154Naked Strawberry Jam 156Super Quick Rice Breakfast 158SWEET THINGSChia Seed Choc Pudding 162Homemade Lemonade Quencher 164Energiser Smoothie 165Cranberry Oatie Balls 166Cucumber & Mint Ice Cream 168Pineapple & Mint 170Strawberry Slushy 171Fruit Salad with Peach Cream  172Vegg Nog 174

Bright Butter Beans 16
Pesto Green Beans 18
Mexican Guacamole Salad 20
Tropical Summer Salad 22
Parsnip, Pear, Rocket & Pecans 24
Watercress & Potato Salad 26
Purple Power Quinoa Salad 28
Thai Green Curry Rice 30
Tangy Fennel Tofu Salad 32
Autumn Butternut Salad 34
Asian Cabbage Crunch 36
Pineapple Powered Sweet Potato 38

Sri Lankin Balti 42
South Indian Eggplant & Cashew Curry 44
Chickpea Tikka Masala 46
Dahl Aloo Ghobi 48
Lentil Ragout on Potato Mash 50
Tamarind & Butternut Dahl 52
Chana Saag  54
Mexican Black Bean Casserole 56
Quinoa Stir Fry with Tempeh 58
Hot Mushroom Mingle 60
Thai Vegetable Stir Fry 62
Thai Green Curry Tofu 64
Thai Kumara Stir Fry 66
Satay Wild Rice Risotto 68
Amaranth & Root Vege Mingle  70

Gado Gado 76
Mini Pumpkin Frittatas 78
Mega Bean Tacos 80
Indian Sweet Potato Rosti 82
Tuscan Wholemeal Pizza 84
Indian Spinach & Potato Wrap 86
Carrot & Beet Fritters 88
Bramboracky (Czech Pancake) 90
Butternut Mac Cheese 92
Chunky Italian Tomato Pasta 94
Green Vegetable Cakes 96
Mexican Bean Enchilada 98

Hearty Dark Legume Soup 102
Mexican Green Pepper Soup 104
Roast Vege Soup with Dukkah 106
Tom Yum Soup 108
Old School Vegetable Soup 110
Chunky Chickpea Soup 112

Colcannon 118 
Rainbow Vegetables 120
Bruschetta 121
Chunky Penang Thai Tofu 122
Bubble & Squeak 124
Sweet Potato Hash 126
Tomato & Zucchini Mingle 127

Carrot & Coriander Dip 130
Green Pea Dip 132
Buttery Spread 133
Kalamata Olive Dressing 134
Indonesian Peanut Dip 135
Tzatziki 136
Parmeshew Cheese Sprinkle 137

Supercharged Breakfast Bowl 144
Oat Waffles with Wild Berries 146
Amazing Thai Scrambled Tofu 148
Blueberry Power Breakfast Shake 150
Feijoa Buckwheat Pancakes 152
Homemade Natural Muesli 154
Naked Strawberry Jam 156
Super Quick Rice Breakfast 158

Chia Seed Choc Pudding 162
Homemade Lemonade Quencher 164
Energiser Smoothie 165
Cranberry Oatie Balls 166
Cucumber & Mint Ice Cream 168
Pineapple & Mint 170
Strawberry Slushy 171
Fruit Salad with Peach Cream  172
Vegg Nog 174

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Tried and True Vegetarian Recipes

Burness, Yiannoulla (S)
144 pages

"Tried and True" is a compilation of vegetarian recipes from various cooks throughout New Zealand. There is currently much evidence in the medical literature in favour of vegetarianism and the associated benefits, including a decreased incidence of heart disease, protective aspects in the fight against cancers, and longer life spans. It is our hope that as you incorporate these recipes into your diet that you will enjoy a happier, healthier way of life."Health is a treasure. Of all temporal possissions it is the most precious. Wealth, learning, and honour are dearly purchased at the loss of vigor of health. None of these can secure happiness, if health is lacking." - Ellen White, Counsels on Diet and Foods, p 20.

"Tried and True" is a compilation of vegetarian recipes from various cooks throughout New Zealand. There is currently much evidence in the medical literature in favour of vegetarianism and the associated benefits, including a decreased incidence of heart disease, protective aspects in the fight against cancers, and longer life spans. It is our hope that as you incorporate these recipes into your diet that you will enjoy a happier, healthier way of life.

"Health is a treasure. Of all temporal possissions it is the most precious. Wealth, learning, and honour are dearly purchased at the loss of vigor of health. None of these can secure happiness, if health is lacking." - Ellen White, Counsels on Diet and Foods, p 20.

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