Just Thinking and Choosing

Martha Rohrer
ISBN: 9780739900161

Just Thinking and Choosing has a mountain theme. Teaching Aims: Practice neatness and carefulness in use and care of books. Exercise thinking and choosing skills with cutting, pasting, coloring, tracing, writing, matching, counting, and drawing. Review the five simple shapes and introduce the oval shape. Write numbers 0 through 12. Count and identify numbers 0 to 30. Introduce counting with ordinal numbers from first to sixth. Identify opposites such as in and out, on and off, large and small. Practice helpfulness and tidiness in daily jobs, health, and safety. Recognize sequence of repeated shapes and pictures. Find the order of happening for story pictures. Understand use of objects, group similarities, and analogies. Learn about God's provisions in the mountains of the world - God cares for friends in the highlands of Guatemala. Many animals live in mountains of North America and Asia. Giant pandas, snow leopards, and yaks live in mountains of Asia. Llamas live in mountains of South America.)

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