Learning More and More

Martha Rohrer
ISBN: 9780739900208

Learning More and More has an oceans theme. Teaching Aims: Practice skills of thinking, coloring, counting, tracing, writing, drawing, cutting, pasting, and matching. Review and use eleven colors: eight basic colors, white, pink, and gray. Introduce mixing the three primary colors to make other colors. Count by 1s and 2s to 100 (or more). Write numbers 0 through 12. Identify numbers 0 to 20 in dot-to-dot drawing. Introduce pennies. Introduce hours on the clock. Review six shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, and oval.Identify sequence of shapes. Draw shapes and simple pictures. Match capital and small letters and words by visual discrimination. Trace and write a few letters correctly. Hear some rhyming sounds and a few initial consonant sounds. Learn about birds and animals that live in or near the oceans. Review the six other habitats of this series: Polar lands are cold. Mountains are high. Woodlands have trees. Grasslands have grass. Rainforests are wet areas. Deserts are dry areas.

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