Church Musician, The - Keyboard Harmony Level 7

David Carr Glover, P Gunther
ISBN: 029156177466
39 pages

This book of advanced hymn playing - Keyboard Harmony Workbook - Level 7 - is correlated to "Advanced Hymnplaying in Basic Chorale Style" - Level 7 of the David Carr Glover Sacred Music Library. The two books should be used together. /n This is a keyboard harmony book as well as a workbook. Material to be written by the student must also be played at the piano. It is most important that s/he hear and play what s/he has written. /n It is suggested that a student be able to play many hymns well, before using this and the related book. S/he should also have a basic knowledge of and the ability to play chords and inversions in all keys as well as all major, and harmonic minor scales.

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